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ATS 1.35 Beta Patch DirectX 11 Test American Truck.

2019/10/10 · 2. "The config file might have been corrupted." I know it's not, and I've deleted it in the ATS Document's folder and still no results. 3. "Try switching to OpenGL or DirectX." My card runs great with DirectX9, but the moment they. ATS 1.35 Beta Patch DirectX 11 Test American Truck Simulator 2019-05-03 ETS2 Volkswagen Jetta Car Mod Euro Truck Simulator 2 2019-05-01 Is this the best ETS2 interior? Euro Truck Simulator 2 2019-04-29 2019-04-28. 2019/05/09 · DirectX 11.1 but not with Directx 11.2. So you can use ATS under windows 7 with DirectX 11.1, but you can not use several features which are excusive for DirectX 11.2. Because the hard fact that DirectX 11.2 is only for.

2019/05/07 · Re: Directx 11 ATS & ETS2 Windows 7 11 Post by Lombra » 04 May 2019 23:22 I know they're gonna fix this for Windows 7 users now, but since this has turned into a different discussion anyway. implementing DirectX 11 while at the same time excluding Windows 7 users doesn't make much sense to me. 2019/05/07 · It is. At least in Germany. The highest German court has ruled some years ago, that a software license, if the product is not bespoke tailored for a specific customers need, is to be treated like any other good, which can be bought or.

Home Tags Directx 11 support Tag: directx 11 support American Truck Simulator – Update 1.36 Open Beta SimulationMods-October 11, 2019 0 Open the menu Open the menu Random Posts FS 19 – Komatsu 895 Loadflex. So here it is guys DirectX 11 vs DirectX 9 in Euro Truck Simulator 2 as you guys voted for yes in ATS video. The test was done by comparing FPS differences of DX11 vs DX9 with the graphics set to MAX Scaling 400% at 1920x1080p.

Tag: directx 11 Euro Truck Simulator 2 Update 1.35 Open Beta SimulationMods-May 14, 2019 0 Open the menu Open the menu Random Posts FS 19 Mod – Horsch Tiger 10LT February 1,. 2019/11/18 · My question V1.36xxx uses Directx 11.1 My pc windows 10 running directx12, is this compatable with Directx 11.1 or do i meed to download 11.1 PC specs i7-4790,12ghz ram, graphics GTX960 4ghz ddr5. Samsung 27" monitor. SCS Software has released the official Update 1.36 for ATS American Truck Simulator game. You saw what's coming that's right - Utah is almost here! and you know what needs to come before - American Truck Simulator Update 1. ATS Güncelleme 1.35 – Tam Sürüm 1.34 – Tam Sürüm ATS Video ATS Sistem Gereksinimleri Mod ETS 2 Modları ATS Modları Multiplayer ETS2MP ATSMP FS19.

Güncellemenin büyük odak noktası Direct X 11tam anlamıyla 11.1 sürümü oluyor. DirectX 9 desteği oyunları daha hızlı ve daha kolay geliştirmek için bırakıldı. Bundan sonra 1.36 güncellemesi ile ETS 2 ve ATS‘ler DirectX 9. When I tried it last it introduced heavy tearing when using gsync something I've not seen in any other game and if I alt tabbed, it was impossible to restore the game. Don't know if they have improved it.

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I play ATS and ETS exclusively in VR using my Rift S and G920. Due to this, my frame rates were pretty much abysmal without TONS of config tweaking and settings turned to medium. i5 3570k and GTX 1070 With Directx 11, I'm. I have an older machine with an even older video card. I've been playing using the DirectX9 option for both ATS and ETS2. Both have worked great. However, the next update for ATS will no longer support DirectX9 but it seems it will.

directx 11 Archives - SimulationMods - ETS 2, ATS, FS 19, Mods.

Dear SCS Software, as you know, your games Euro Truck Simulator 2 realased 2012 and American Truck Simulator realased 2016 are still running on DirectX 9 realased 2002. It's a very old graphic engine.The users have the. During Pavel's Interview with Paul. Its confirmed SCS is working on DX11 or maybe even DX12 support for ETS2 and ATS! So i'm just curious what that will do for the game. Obviously this will make it look a lot better. My question is. ユーロトラックシミュレーター2ETS2に今話題のグラフィック改善ModNEXT-GEN GRAPHIC MODを導入する方法を紹介します。日本MAP導入Modである、ProjectJapanプロジェクト・ジャパンとも共存. ETS 2’nin ProMods haritası DirectX 11 destekli 1.35 güncellemesine uyarlandı ProMods haritası an itibariyle Euro Truck Simulator 2‘nin 1.35 güncellemesine uyumlu çalışıyor. Hem Almanya’nın yenilenen kısımlarına uyarlandı hem de.

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