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It depends on the person or animal. It can taste sort of metal-like from my experience. Blood cells contain iron in them to transport oxygen, this is the main reason most claim that blood tastes like. Why does blood taste metallic? UNANSWERED We need you to answer this question! If you know the answer to this question, please register to join our limited beta program and start the conversation right now! Register to join. My blood tastes more metallic than usual self.al1ceee submitted 11 months ago by al1ceee My blood is currently tasting very metallic, more than usual, don't ask why I'm tasting it, but is this a problem I should be concerned. If you think that the blood or metallic taste in mouth is due to any medication then you can confirm via side effects listed on the label of the drug package. 4. Dryness Dryness is another possible cause that may lead to a taste. 2011/11/02 · what does YOUR blood taste like? Skip navigation Sign in Search Loading. Close This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue Watch Queue Queue Remove all.

2010/04/20 · it particularly is not uncommon. Blood tastes like steel, so if your lady buddy replaced into on her era, or merely complete her era once you went down on her, it might desire to flavor like steel. If she's no longer on, or. Blood Taste in Mouth Remedies There are a few remedies that can help you when your mouth tastes like blood, some of which you may never have considered. 1. Oral Hygiene Oral hygiene can play a big part in the origin of blood. Hey, i just cut myself and was sucking my finger and realised my blood tastes like iron, ive looked about abit on net about blood and cant find anything that says it, just wondering if anyone knows. i know its abit of a stupid question.

I know it tastes like metal because of the iron but the iron is a very small part of the blood, from what I understand. So why is the taste so prominent?. I'm not sure as to what taste bud receptor metallic flavors activate, lets say we. 2009/02/10 · i was wondering, in the last few months, sometimes i bite my lip or something on accident, and my blood tastes extremely metallic. i know a certain amount is normal, but this is like sucking on a handful of pennies. 2017/06/06 · Reasons of metallic taste: If you have a weird metallic taste in your mouth this is why Support Our Channel By Buying Recommended Products: amaz. Reasons of metallic taste: If you have a weird metallic taste.

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