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Rex have a commercial body type that “exemplifies meat producing qualities.” See the ARBA Standard of Perfection for the complete standard, which describes the ideal qualities of all areas of the Rex rabbit’s body, including a list of. Rex rabbits are a medium-size rabbit originally bred and raised for meat and their velvet fur. But with a hardy, intelligent, and gentle nature, Rex rabbits also make ideal pets and show animals! They come in standard and mini versions. Rex rabbits are very intelligent and can be litter trained. Don’t use clay or cedar-based litters as they can harm your bunny. The Rex is often used as a foster mother due to. Rex rabbits can have astrex-type coats as well, and there are also mini Rex Rabbits with the mutation. According to the Astrex Rabbit Breed Club, the Astrex trait is different from the Rex gene because when crossing a true Rex with a true Astrex, the resulting litter presents Rex, Astrex and normal bunnies. These rabbits come in standard and mini versions. They are medium-sized rabbits that are very popular as pets. Rex rabbits are also raised for their meat and fur. However, the practice is not common; as they are smaller, as.

Rex rabbits are great pets for seniors and first-time pet parents as well as singles or couples. Care Requirements To make sure your bunny stays healthy and happy under your roof, you will need to provide proper rabbit housing. Rex rabbits and meat rabbits - $12345 Ester Meat Rabbits and Rex rabbits for sale. Meat rabbits; 5 months old. Male is gray and female is black and white. They are mixed breeds. Two rex rabbits are both females and 5 months. Why I Love Raising Rabbits For Meat 1. They fatten on grass. Grass, people. Sustainable. Easy to grow. Easy to store. Inexpensive. In fact, most of the year, they can just be fed on weeds I pull up from the garden, a variety of old.

After raising, showing and breeding meat rabbits for 38 years, I still like Mary, find I learn something new all the time. Raising rabbits is a great hobby or even a good small business. I also hope this helps answer the question. Meat Rabbits – What You Need to Know About Raising Rabbits for Meat May 5, 2018 By Debra Ahrens Leave a Comment This post may contain affiliate links which won’t. Currently, Rex Rabbits are kept as pets, as show rabbits, and for fur and meat production. The Rex remains the number one breed used in fur production for garments and toys as their fur lacks protruding guard hairs which in other.

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